DIY: Cleaning Leather Boots

To keep up with the theme of my obsession post it was only obvious for me to do a DIY relating to the care and maintenance of boots. I searched on Pinterest for cleaning leather boots and found an all natural way to do it. I personally try to cut out chemicals any where I can, so if I can find organic natural ways to complete a task I’m happy.


The instructions just require a cup of water, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and a few cotton balls.


Mix the white vinegar and water together. Then dap the cotton ball in the mixture and clean your boots with it. It’s that simple.


This is mostly used to get rid of the salt stains that occur in the winter months after snow has fallen. I have tried a similar treatment in the winter and it does work. The instructions also say to use it on suede boots, but I haven’t tried that.

This will not polish your boots. There will be another post up late this week early next week about polishing your boots ;)


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