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How To: Keepsake picture

If you have read my blog for awhile you would know that last March I went to Paris with my great aunt. For Christmas I wanted to get her present that celebrated that trip. You can do this for yourself or as a gift like I did.

The project cost me less than $15. It can cost more if you buy a more expensive frame.

Here is what you need…. A picture, a map of the place you visited, and a frame. Simple, right?


Next I taped the picture to the map so that it would stay in place.


The last step is putting the map and picture in the frame. Make sure to cut the map so that it fits the fame. Voilà, you’re done!!!


Etsy Gift Ideas

I love giving unique gifts that not everyone else is going to have. Etsy is a great place that offers just that. After spending hours searching I have created a list of my personal favorites. The gifts are great for any person in your life!

Gifts on Etsy1. A SISTER is a Little Bit of Childhood That Can Never Be Lost – Typographic Print – Hand Lettering – Inspirational Art – Sister Gift I love this gift idea because it personally reminded me so much of my sister. Rachillustrates has a lot of other great pieces too. My second favorite of hers is Zara Tartan Scarf Print – Fall Trends – Wall Art.

2. Vintage Beaded Macrame Mirror with Dark Brown Wooden Beads Your gal pal will love this gift. The mirror is unique and chic and will fit with almost any decor. SiloSprings has a lot of other great items as well. They have original oil paintings, handmade wall decor, and vintage items from their finds around the countryside. 

3. Premium Victorian Engravable Bronze Mechanical Pocket Watch includes Watch Chain – Groomsmen – Men – Steampunk – Watch. This pocket watch jumped off the page at me because of it’s beauty. The way it displays the inner workings of the watch gives it a classic vintage look. Your dad, grandpa, or your Sheldon Cooper will love this pocket watch. Check out the rest of  what ArtInspiredGifts has to offer.

4. Mini Round Concrete Pot – set of 3. I adore the simplicity of these pots. Really I love a lot of what roughfusion has to offer. You can dress up the pots with the colorful plants or flowers. They also offer tissue you boxes, soap dispensers and so more. Make sure to check them out for a unique gift.

5. iphone 6 Docking Station and Valet : Desk Caddy for your Keys, Phone and Wallet. Originally I just saw this piece from KkornerInnovations and thought it was one of the most one of kind pieces I have seen on Etsy. Then I looked at their store further and found they made wood lamps. Seriously, wood lamps. You have to check out this store! 

6. Custom Felt Glowie Monster Light-Up Plush Electronics & Sewing Kit. Here is a great gift idea for the kids in your life. The kids will have a blast creating their own monster. The best part? The eyes light up! GlowieMonster is offering free shipping for Christmas from now until December 19th! For the free shipping you will need to enter the coupon code: XMASWC14. This monster just got better.

7. Word clock – wood electronic clock, modern led wood clock, blue led, desk clook, handcrafted wood clock. Here is the perfect gift for the tech people in your life. This distinctive clock would fit any room and could serve as a great conversational piece. SunflowerForHome also sales Binary clocks as well. 

Fashion Candy WC Boutique

Did you know we have our own store on Etsy? Did you also know we have put up a page on this site showing our items for sale? If you click on the Boutique page on this site it will show  you all the items we have for sale on Etsy and the price. You ready to order? Great! Just click on the picture and it will take you directly to our Etsy site. Happy shopping!

My Obsession: The snake necklace

Ever since I saw Kate Beckinsale with the snake necklace at the AMAs I’ve been obsessed. 522503933TM00252_2014_AmeriSo far I have not found a chunky necklace exactly like this, but I did find some that I admired.

This one is on the more expensive side at $4,000. You can find this gem at Tiffany&Co
This one is $95 on Etsy. I did a quick glance at the shop. You should check them out.
This one is my personal favorite. It’s a Betsey Johnson and it too is $95. Hey mom! I want this for Christmas *wink* *wink*

If any of you happen to find one that closely resembles Kate’s necklace leave a comment with the link below!