Etsy Store Finds: TatiToo


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I found this store completely by accident. I was just absently minded browsing on Etsy when I came across the store. I personally love tattoos but I also don’t want my body covered in tattoos from head to toe. That’s why I’m so fond of TatiToo, they make temporary tattoos.

My first order was a sheet that I bought for $9.50. It included several pieces as you can see in the picture.


Right now I’m currently wearing one around my wrist.


I’ve worn a couple so far and I notice the temporary tattoo around my finger didn’t last very long. Personally when I dry my hands after washing them I don’t pat dry them, I rub them which started to rub the tattoo off. I hand another tattoo on my hand and I made sure to pay dry it which caused it to last much longer. If you buy a tattoo from them keep that in mind.

I do plan to buy more and I’ll be posting the pictures on my Instagram!


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