All About Me!

If you ever check out my about me and the blog page you’ll learn a little bit about me. I thought I would take a moment to just discuss me a little bit more, so that you all get to know me better. I work a full time job which ends up taking a lot of time, specially recently. After I work I normally do stuff around the house like clean, garden, or sometimes just watch TV. I am really working towards balancing my blog, social life, and work which as you can see some other stuff wins over my blog. Come September I will be throwing school into the mix. I really try to make my blog a priority but it sometimes gets pushed to the side.

I am not a huge fan of working out, but I do try to take care of myself. Yoga is one of my favorite exercises. I also LOVE to hike. Here in the Northwest there are so many beautiful places to hike. I’m also not too far away from Montana which has amazing places to hike as well. The picture below is just one of my recent trips. The view was absolutely breath taking.

Pacific Crest Trail
One of the places I hiked to in Washington State

I own my own house and I’m constantly redecorating or making changes. I would like to do full on remodeling of the house but I need to save up for that. Earlier today I was using my lawn mower and pulling weeds from the garden in my jumpsuit. I consider myself to be a fashionable homeowner. As I was thinking of this I decided that would be a great thing to start on my blog. I plan to reupholster a chair and do other things at my house that I can feature on my blog. My blog is mostly focused on fashion but it will and does have other touches to it. Below is picture of my garden. I’m extremely proud of my garden! I have tomatoes (which are taking off like crazy), green peppers, red peppers, jalapenos, watermelon, and strawberries (there’s more but I didn’t want to bore you).


I’m also getting back into painting in my spare time. I recently finished a painting of my lovely girl, Bella (she’s a dog sooo… [Statefarm joke reference]) I have a total of three dogs. I’m hoping with practice I can do well enough to paint all three dogs and put the paintings up somewhere in my house.

Bella Painting

I will custom make dresses for family and friends. I’m going to start venturing out with that more.

That’s a lot about me. I hope you all learned something and understand why I don’t constantly post. I am always working on it and trying to think of new ideas.

Thank you all for following me and reading my posts I really do appreciateĀ it.

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